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Thursday, April 7

first dress made

Hello darlings! I know I've been slacking lately but I've got a reason as to why I'm lacking in posts lately... and that is... I bought a sewing machine! Well, I did that a few weeks ago but what's keeping me busy is renewing one of my many hobbies, which includes sewing! I say renewing because when I was little, my grandmother taught me how to sew. She's a professional tailor and she made me cute little dresses during her past time. I would usually watch her as she did. Since then, I developed the hobby, though I was never able to continually practice it as I'm so into a lot of other things beside sewing (like playing the piano, guitar, and stuff...) and yeah... I figured though that since I'm running a somewhat fashion blog, sewing would do me good. I can make my own clothes, and that's another topic to rant about, like what I'm doing right now. Anyhow, so here... I made this dress. It's a very simple one but its wearable for the season. It's the first garment that I made after I got the machine so it's not so perfect just yet (still getting the hang of it as I haven't used a sewing machine in a long time).

I'm making more stuff... but I cannot guarantee that I can finish all that I've started, just so you guys know... cos either they didn't turn out right or I ruined... but I'm pretty excited! Let you guys on soon!

 Carla Violet 

 on me: 
 Dress: by Me 
 Cardigan: gift from mom 
 Wedges: Local Store, Macau 
 Belt: Esprit 
 Necklace: gift from Che 
 Beaded bracelet: MPT clothes and accessories (mom's shop) 


  1. So proud of you and you are extremely talented!! The itself looks amazing and you look stunning as usual!! =)

  2. You did a really good job. That dress is super cute!! I can't wait to see other stuff that you make in the future. :)

  3. I love the print, that pink looks so latent, but it is oh so gorgeous. The belt makes it a little bit more tough and that’s fabulous. the cardigan is perfect because of the length and the color. Have fun with making clothes, I wish I had the same skills.

  4. it looks great :3 i lveo the print ^^

  5. i'm impressed! looks amazing! love the whole look

  6. Wow, I would like to learn how to sew, too! That dress is really cute, you did a great job. And your shoes are pretty, too!

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  7. thanks for commenting!!! loving this dress and the fact that you made it is totally awesome. i wish i had time to do some serious sewing. you look wonderful, can't wait to see the new things you'll be making =)

  8. nice job! i just made a simple tube dress last weekend. definitely need to brush up on my skills, lol! love your shoes!


  9. that is such a cute dress that is amazing that you made it!!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Thanks for the sweet comment. Love how you wear the belt....hmm, you give me ideas!

  11. I love the shoes !

    Thank you for your comment btw ! Feel free to enter my giveaway :)



  12. Lovely the pattern is very pretty! Well done :) Thanks for your comment!


  13. Hey Carla thank you for the lovely comments :) I really like your shoes here! The alligator ring I got from a vintage shop in Central, do you know the road where there's a Pizza Express near Lan Kwai Fong & Mix? You go straight up that road walking AWAY from LKF, and then you cross the street. When you keep walking you'll see an alley type downhill thing on your right, and there's a fruit stall. Opposite the fruit stall, the shop's there. Sorry for not knowing specific street names, but hope it helped! (You live in HK right?) xx

  14. Great dress! I sew myself and it's one of my favourite hobbies! =)


  15. It's adorable! I love the print and that's awesome. I want to get more into sewing. My mom used to be a tailor and she used to make me dresses all the time! I just bought a dress form, so now hopefully I can make some of my own :)

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  16. i have a sewing machine, i used to make ready to wear clothes. but after i got pregnant all my stuffs completely went to oblivion. i miss doing it :D so i envy you. hehe. i love what you made. youre very pretty in it. :D

    xoxo, ace♥


  17. i really want to learn the art of dress making but work gets in the way.

    lovely photos and outfit.

  18. Oh, I dint see this post. I saw the DIY skirt first! Wow, ami! You're getting better everytime. Truly an inspiration. :}


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  19. that's absolutely pretty! good job!



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