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When We Tried

10:40 PMCarla Florendo

This was the day we tried working on that project I had going on for a while now. Will let you guys know more about it as soon as it's finished. And yes, I meant it when I said "when we tried" cos honestly, there's a possibility that Penguin and I might re-do everything allover again. Anyways, you guys honestly have no clue what on earth I'm talking about so I'll just leave it at that until I'm done with it.

Cheers, Carla

P.S. I wasn't wearing any make up, hence very fresh face. Haha. With the sun and heat, it's difficult to retain make up on.

On me://Pull & Bear Skirt//Denim Shirt from ManSi//Thrifted Shoes//Vedette Shapewear underneath

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  1. Wow the outfit is so cute with you! :) love love the photos... so clear and well captured!

  2. I love your top dear!

  3. I love your chambray and I've been wanting some shoes like the ones you wear in this post. Heat and make-up are two ugly combination as well.

    You look fresh indeed. :)

  4. cute skirt :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  5. stunnin shoes!

    - True

  6. love the skirt, so pretty xx

  7. Cute shoes and skirt! The go very well together :)

  8. Wow, wish i knew where ManSI was or where it is.
    I want that top too.
    District of Fashion

  9. Lovely skirt and shoes :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  10. Hmm...I am kinda curious as to what that project you're talking about is...
    Anyway, you look REALLY fresh! While looking at your photos I thought "she has a very pleasant face" and then I read you're not wearing any makeup and I am all the more impressed. When I have no make up on the shadows under my eyes show. :(
    Mars of Mars of fashion insouciance

  11. I love your skirt, and your accessorized this outfit really well. You look great!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Are you following? If not I would love for you to if you like my blog. Other wise, keep in touch!


  12. love your shoes, what a lucky find! Would love to look like this with no makeup! xox

  13. Pretty blog, i'm followed you!
    Follow me too :D


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