Halloween 2011

11:50 PMCarla Florendo

As mentioned, here are some photos from what I did last Halloween. I went to three parties and believe me, I was exhausted that night! First, I was at school as our class was did a a party for project, which is actually part of a series of events under the name "Z Generation, One Destination". It's too complicated to explain right now so I'll leave that for another post. Anyway, the part is somewhat a charity and is a must for an event course I'm taking up so I had to be there for sure! Next, I went to Hardrock as per usual (click here to see last year's Halloween party). But this year, it was totally different there. After Hardrock, my friends and I went to MGM along with a couple of schoolmates who were also present at our class' party earlier. Anyway, view the rest of the photos after the jump or click here.

That's all I have for tonight. Until my next post darlings!

Cheers, Carla

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  1. Amazing photos!
    Look very fun :)


  2. love your guys outfits!! the superman and batman are totally awesome. club hopping is fun ahha~~


  3. Great Halloween outfit;).

    xx Laura

  4. Cute post, great costumes!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  5. Haha wow, you looked amazing.
    Looks like everyone had fun.
    District of Fashion

  6. gaaad! i wish i was someone else aside from myself from this year's halloween.


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