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Sunday, January 29

Red Roses

An outfit post! About time, isn't it? Specially that the temperature has gone up to much more tolerable than the previous days. I loved layering for the part, don't get me wrong. But it isn't comfortable at all, feeling thick and not being able to move too much. I blame my closet for not having furry warm coats and and fleece jackets, but then I didn't expect winter like it this year. Promise though, I must invest in stylishly warm outerwear (like a fur coat maybe? or a super heavy-knitted oversize cardigan) in order to be always prepared for unexpected cold days like these. I didn't have to layer much today (with just a warmer inside) - a sleek turtleneck kept me warm enough. The highlight of this outfit, however, is this roses-printed dress I wore as a skirt. This is one thing I love about dresses - they can be worn as skirts. I'm sure this isn't the first time anyone has done it and don't you agree?
I brought back out these platform wedges too. I didn't think about it much, but  looking at the pictures, sandals + floral prints only mean one thing: I'm subconsciously ready for spring. Are you too?

Cheers, Carla

on me://Dress&Bag - MPT//Top&Shoes - Local Store//Sunnies - Cotton On//
Photos by Penguin


  1. great outfit, I love your tight, they're an edgy touch to this outfit love it


  2. pretty skirt :)

    check out mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  3. Such a pretty dress, I have tried to turn dresses into skirts but failed, don't know why. The tights are so cool too!


  4. Love the dress/skirt and tights! :) I'm very ready for spring!


  5. Beautiful skirt Carla!
    I love it cause I'm sure that it look perfect in winter and also in summer :)

    See you cutie!

  6. I am definitely ready for spring..
    Nice outfit!! your floral skirt looks really nice. & I like your style too :D great blog!

  7. lovely carla, im liking the printed tights with your floral skirt.

  8. Hi Carla! Im going there in Macau next week for a short vacation. What do you think the weather will be? should I bring lots of winter clothes? ;)

  9. Such a nice outfit! Your skirt is so cute! :)
    Nice blog!

  10. I really like this look- the skirt is divine, the tights are gorgeous, and the platforms are great! This outfit is a favorite of mine- you look very chic and pretty! Oh, I am actually waiting for the temperatures to go down, I am tired of this weirdly warm weather :/
    Good luck!


  11. Oh, forgot to ask you- what kind of camera do you use for your outfit posts? I need a new camera, and I am trying to figure out which one would suit me best. I LOVE your photography, it's exactly what I am looking to achieve in my photos hopefully :)
    Thank you!

  12. I love this turtle-neck over the dress!! it's perfect for when it's a it chilly out. The dress as a skirt is great, gives dresses so much more versatility :)

  13. Can we swap clothes? I have some faux fur vests and coats and it's extremely hot in Cebu right now. Haha! Dunno why I bought those but I get to wear them pag may almost bagyo dito. XD

  14. You are gorgeous! Your outfit is so cute and this skirt is so cool!
    Nice blog!

    Fashion Crazy Ball

  15. i wear dresses as skirts constantly! great way to infuse your winter wardrobe with some warm, sunny patterns!


  16. i admit that i am not a big fan of floral skirts and floral in general but your tights are so fab and i could imagine hundreds of outfits paired with them.
    marianne of http://lureofthedarkside.blogspot.com/


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