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Saturday, February 23

Plains and Prints

On me://Top - Thrifted//Skirt - c/o sammdress//Loafers - London Rebel, Asos//Bag - Pull&Bear//Scarf - Vintage//

On Pierre://Jacket - Asos//Bag - Quiksilver//Shoes - Nike//Pants - Zara//Glasses - Rayban//

Penguin is swag; he dresses up better than me on occasions, that's for sure! Today he was wearing the coolest retro looking jacket plus a pair of sneakers I've been drooling over for quite some time now (yes, Jordan 4 - swoon!). So while he was on the phone, I stole a few shots. I hope he doesn't mind when he sees this as his outfit definitely needs to be here.

On another note, I'm a little concerned with blogger. Is it just me or are have you guys been experiencing spams lately? I mean, I've been getting a lot of spam comments these past few weeks like, really a lot compared to previously. I don't know what's going. My spam filter is on, and I swithed on comment moderation as well but somehow they still get through. Can anyone tell me what to do? I'm very concerned. I hope it's just that blogger's acting up and not my blog's problem.

Anyway, it's weekend again. No plans, just work. But I hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend, better than mine. Kisses!

-- Photos by Pierre Elma and yours truly --


  1. I really love how your hair looks <3 and so daring to wear loafers and tights, I did it the other and ended up taking off my tights cause I looked weird but you don't, the red skirt is gorgeous too. I don't get spam that much, maybe it has something to do with the number of followers or something

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  2. I absolutely love the way the bright red skirt looks with the chunky knit sweater and plaid scarf. Such a wonderful combination

  3. beautiful outfit!in love with your bag <3

  4. how cute! :) those shoes are amazing. I love it **

  5. how cute! :) those shoes are amazing. I love it **

  6. You look stunning as always =)

  7. As usual I love your outfit! The jumper is just divine and the loafers are beyond cute. Penguin's jacket most certainly deserved a mention too, I'm in love with it!

    Bethany Paige (www.paigeoffashion.blogspot.co.uk) X

  8. Goodness, you and your boy are styling! Love his cool hoodie and awesome kicks.
    Love the red bodycon skirt Carla, the sparkly flats are perfect :)
    Hmmm, and I don't know, I haven't gotten any spam comments on my blog...not sure what might be going on. Hopefully it'll correct itself though!

    Trendy Teal

  9. you look really nice and I very like it your skirt;)

  10. love your sparkling flat shoes ❤


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