Lazy Friday

March 15, 2013

Outfit://Tee - Levi's//Jeggins - MPT//Jacket - Pull & Bear//Loafers - Zara//Bag - Mango//Watch - Esprit//

Just a quick three-photo post for tonight. Except for my jeggings, there's nothing really special about this outfit. But then you know it's Friday, and I was rather in dull mood, too lazy to do anything, even to get dressed and go to class, so I just pulled on what pieces I could find.

While I was rumaging around my parents' bedroom, I saw this pair of jeggings tucked away in one of the drawers. The print and color caught my attention so I picked them up and decided to put them on. Surely they belong to mom, and I figured she wouldn't mind if I stole them for the day so I did. Then I picked up the comfiest pieces I could find from my closet - a tee and a parka to make up my lazy Friday outfit. Well it didn't turn out so bad... did it?

Anyhoooo.... I've got happier things to report about - I'll be working with Chezka from now on! You remember my curly friend from Style-che, right? It's one thing to work with lovely people, but it's another to work with someone that you've known for so long and it really excites me. I can just imagine the things we'll never stop talking about. It's gunna be great!

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  1. love that jacket cool
    kiss and happy day

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    the simple life of rich people blog

  2. The jacket especially the sleeves are nothing short of fabulous!!!! Lovee it.


  3. love these leggins! the jaket is so cool! :)
    new post on my blog!

  4. Ahh, you and Chezka working together!? This is gonna be awesome :)
    Love the casual, cool look once again girl. The jeggings complete this ensemble. I love it <3

    Trendy Teal

  5. Great printed trousers!

  6. Those pants are so cool!
    Love your outfit :)

  7. cute outfit, love the jeggings. I would steal those from my mom too lol.

    xo erica


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