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Hipster with a twist

12:24 AMCarla Florendo

Can't get enough of this vest! Anything I top it off with instantly becomes street appropriate. Case in point - this outfit. The booty shorts plus the shapewear alone would have been too daring for me, not that I wish I could drop the cover up; I'm simply insecure with my upper. Adding a cool vintage vest did the trick. But let's focus on the main character of this post - Sarah the shapewear.

Of course Sarah is from Vedette, the one and only. And Like the previous (here), this one is also really comfortable. What it does basically is it hugs your body perfectly like it does mine, and firms your tummy so you don't see those unwanted bulges in the middle. It's made out of nylon, pandex/lycra, cotton, and polyester, so it actually very breathable in. The only thing I kind of have a problem with is that it's difficult to put on because it's hooked from the back; I usually have to ask someone else to help me out whenever I have to wear it. Other than that, I feel like I'm just wearing sexy tank top.

Outfit://Shapewear - c/o Vedette //Vest - Vintage//Shorts - Forever21//Shoes  Nike//Sunnies - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//

If you fancy this sexy little thing, you know what to do - head to the Vedette store here to get it now.

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  1. love your shorts dear...
    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!
    ♥ Vendy ♥
    follow me on:
    The simple life of rich people blog

  2. I don't really like the denim on denim,but I love your shorts and your sneakers!
    New post

  3. That is definitely one sexy tank top! Aha, I can't believe its shapewear. I love it!
    Fantastic mixing of the denim too. Those shorts are so cool <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. Those shorts... are so gorgeous! I love the print on them. You look fab!

    Kathryn x

  5. i love twisted hipster better than hipster, thanks to this.


  6. Great look darlin!
    I love your sunnies <3


  7. I lovelovelove this! SHall we follow? let me know XSE

    1. thank you! please follow if u wish.

  8. What unwanted bulges?! You're tiny, babe!! That Vedette piece looks gorgeous on you though! And I really like your sneakers and shorts too, I've been looking for a pair of printed shorts, but haven't found anything as cool as yours, damnit!:D

    1. that's cause im able to hide them bulges =) but thank you!

  9. I recently had a total love affair with my denim vest. No kidding, wore it with EVERYTHING! That love affair has since depleted but now I think Ill break it out :)

    1. you have to... denim is totally in trend. thank you for visiting!

  10. What a cool combination!!! I love the bustier with those shorts. And I absolutely need a denim vest!

  11. :O I have those shoes! I have also yet to wear them with double-denim so you have me inspired :D
    (And innerwear as outerwear? Hot!)

    xx T (lefanciulle)

  12. I am in love with this outfit! And beautiful pictures:)
    Hugs & Kisses,


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