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Friday, December 6

Combat Ready

I think I went a little overboard when I thought about doing another army-inspired look; I mean, leather-trimmed parka, cut-out combat boots, and camouflage? Well... But on second thought, no regrets. It was a good call that I decided to wear a pencil skirt at the last minute, instead of the black skinny pants that I originally had in mind. It became one of the key pieces that tied the outfit together, making it look a little less ragged and a little more posh, together with this gold chain necklace that I recently scored from Cotton On. The only drawback is that I forgot to wear a hat/beanie. But I guess there's plenty more time for that later.

Anyway, I just got home from my dad's annual company dinner party. Can you believe that he, along with another 8 or so people, were given a loyalty award by their employer for having worked for the company for a decade? I mean cos I can't. I'm like, man, I don't think I'll ever last that long in one company (unless it's a magazine company where I get to choose my clients/projects and style people and work with clothes, ha!)... it's already hard enough for me to go to work everyday and am on the verge of quitting without making it to my first year, let alone 10 years? It's just so unbelievable in my opinion, but nonetheless am very much proud of him (Congrats Dad!). And as usual, I'm bloated for having eaten too much. Can't help it - I'm uncontrollable when it comes to buffet dinners. But since it's this is the ultimate month for celebrations and gatherings, I won't try to hold myself back. In fact I can assure you, this is just the beginning. I hope you guys are having a wonderful December so far!

Outfit://Jacket - Pull & Bear//Tee - Local Store//Skirt - Seventeen//Boots - Local Store//Bag - Nessa//Necklace - Cotton On//


  1. Such a perfect camo look! I love it. And good call on that pencil skirt, it really makes the look ♥

  2. You definitely should not have any regrets! This is a great look and I think all of the military inspired pieces work really well together!

  3. Such a perfect way to style camo. :D



  4. Army inspired indeed! Haha love how you went with a theme and rocked it. Nice jacket ;)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Nice jacket


  6. cool outfit dear!
    love your shoes and jacket :D


  7. Nice jacket :)

    Xx Cécile

  8. Fantastic styling hun, a very chic army inspired outfit. Have a splendid weekend dear!

  9. So fierce but yet feminine, love the combo!
    Thank you for a lovely comment! You've got a new follower! XO


  10. I really like this outfit a lot on you. The jacket looks great with your pencil skirt and the tee is so not overboard at all bc your necklace is perfect and not over the top for this look. I love your boots and if they looked good on me, I would so get a pair! Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by today!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  11. Absolutely love the jacket and boots!!! The army look is awesome and you definitely played it up well!

  12. absolutely love the look, especially ur boots and jackets . Have a great weekend and Happy holidays :-)

  13. Congrats to your dad! Man, that's impressive being able to work at the same place for 10 years. But good that he's getting rewarded for it. He definitely deserves it!

    I am seriously diggin' this entire ensemble. Your boots, the leather sleeves... aaah! It's so fierce and comes together so SUPER WELL!~

  14. oooh this outfit is beaut! love the boots, so fierce x


  15. All the item looks perfect together! You look amazing :) xo akiko
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