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Sunday, January 26

Gray Days

[Cardigan : c/o rosewholesale][Skinny : H&M][Tee : Pull & Bear][Boots : Forever21][Necklace : Gift][Grab Clutch : c/o iamshopaholicmom]

Ever since this cardigan arrived a few days ago, courtesy of rosewholesale, I've been wearing it non-stop. There's something about it that makes any outfit I put together look effortlessly cool. Perhaps it's the slouchy fit; or its pattern/color, making it OK to wear gray ensembles on grayer days. Case in point. But of course, a little pop of color doesn't ruin it.

Speaking of gray days, today's one of the grayest days of winter so far. And no I don't mean the weather but the way I'm feeling - I'm feeling rather sick; weak to the bones, lightheaded, and a bad stomach. My mom tells me it's bacteria; that I haven't been eating proper as of late, which is true because of my ever unstable work schedule, I don't get to eat on time. Ugh. I wish I could say I benefit from it you know, that I lose weight and all for doing so. But take it from me darlings, skipping meals is never ever a good thing. Don't wait until you learn that lesson the hard way.

Anyway, I'm keeping this short because, like I said, I'm not feeling well. Zombie-brain in effect. But I wish you a great week ahead, and until my next!


  1. I hope you feel better! My husband just brought me a cardigan like this one back from a little shop in Oregon and i just bought some OTK black boots so thanks for the inspiration of how to wear it! I can't wait until the dismal days of winter are far behind us!

  2. Lovely! I love how you matched the clutch and the necklace :)

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  4. Aw, hope you settle into a routine Carla, sounds like it's been hectic for you. You'd never want to see me when i skip meals...aha, it's like my mood is directly related to how well fed I am :P
    Anyway, I do love this dark, grey outfit with that marbled cardigan. Plus, the matching tints of blue are perfect!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. nice look


  6. You look so great! I totally know how you feel, I'm also such a zombie lately. Hope you'll feel better soon <3

  7. Well eventhough you dont feel well you still look fabulous doll! Loove the greay hues with the pop of neon! Slouchy cardigansa are such stapels Lovely post and hope you feel better!xo


  8. pretty:) x

  9. This cardigan is gorgeous, I totally want to cuddle up in something that cozy right now!! The pops of blue are totally perfect too

  10. Love the acid wash look!!!


  11. Fabulous style ! Your coat is perfect and I love your clutch.
    You are very pretty :)

  12. I totally get the effortless chic from this outfit, loving the bright pops of color too!

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