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Monday, June 2

Classic with a twist

[Blazer : Stradivarius][Skirt : Asos][Bandeau : Zara][Shoes : Local Store][Bag : Local store in Manila][Sunnies : Sunnies by Charlie]

I just about missed the golden hour by a minute or two when I took these shots, which saddens me slightly because I tried to find the best spot for it, only to finish setting up a little over the time frame I had planned for. (Insert sigh here). It's times like these that I wish Penguin were behind the lens. Couldn't have taken 10 minutes and we're done. 

He's still in Manila, by the way. And am missing him so. But the shopping therapy I did over the weekend kept me sane, and finally, I now have everything that was listed on my previous post. In fact (if you haven't noticed already), I'm wearing two together in this post, which is something that I wouldn't usually do but since white and black is an irresistible combination, so thus. Besides, this white blazer just seem too squeaky clean - almost too prim and proper. And so while I'm full of ideas on how to wear it all white out, I'm sticking to mixing and matching it with rebellious black basics for now.

What do you think?


  1. I just love your style! Catching up with your blog posts now :) xx


    1. thanks Charlotte. hope to see you here again! xo

  2. That lemon yellow bag is simply amazing, such an awesome find:) You look terrific, so fresh and vivid! Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  3. You are amazing:)


  4. I love the outfit! You never let me down haha.
    I hope you see Penguin soon!

    Kisses from Venezuela.
    Cindy González.

  5. Wuhuuuuuu love your bag, very eyecatching....:)
    and Hallo from Indonesia...


  6. I loooooove it Carla! The sexy crop top with the chic blazer is such a good choice. Also, love the cool peek at your tattoo - I forgot about the dreamcatcher! Anyway, I know, it sucks when you have to take your own photos, huh? When does Penguin get back? Hopefully soon!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. it totally suck but we don't really have a choice, do we? haha. Thanks Linda!


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