Happy Weekend!

by - Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello darlings! Checking in just to greet you all a happy weekend! It's the first weekend after I'm officially taskless so needless to say I'm having a very stress-free time with Penguin and the fam-bam. Of course my gums are still a little sore due to my recent visit to the dentist but that doesn't stop me from having a wonderful time (specially eating!). I've been warned. But I can't help it if firstly, Penguin had a party celebrating his birthday which of course involves food and drinks; and secondly, when you're so bored doing nothing pretty much all the time that you can't think of anything else but food. I reckon my hopes of losing weight won't come true after all.

Oh well.

Hope you're all having a blast! I'm signing out now but will be back soon to show you the full outfit I'm wearing here. Stay tuned!


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