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Tuesday, October 20

Museumplein En De Pijp

And the travel diaries continue. This time I'm sharing with you photos from our second day in Amsterdam. Penguin and I spent a good few hours at Museumplein in the morning just admiring everything from the surroundings to the tourists going about their selfie businesses in front of Rijks and the I Amsterdam sign; old street performers playing instruments along the sidewalks to locals, both children and adults, playing football on the open fields. The weather was absolutely perfect despite a little chill here and there when the wind blew. But when it did, I was reminded so much of what I had been missing out on having lived under Macau's gloomy weather for so long.

Then in the afternoon we went to The Pijp, a local neighbourhood which I have come to realize is more of a ghost town. In a good way though. The streets weren't crammed up with tourists which gave Penguin and I more flexibility in taking photos as we walked along the streets. We also found this cute little restaurant that oh-my-goodness, served one of the best tasting pastas I've ever tried. No kidding. And I was expecting that in Italy but I'm not even there yet.

Needless to say we had a pretty awesome day. And after this visit, I'm beginning to consider Amsterdam as one of the possible place to move to when I decide to leave Macau. Someday. Haha. Hope you enjoy these visuals. Do stay tuned because I have plenty more coming your way!

Photos by Pierre Elma and yours truly


  1. Awesome pictures, you look so vibrant and not haggard at all! :)

  2. So inspiring post and really enjoy with your pictures:)
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  3. Amazing post, breathtaking pictures, all look very organized, I love to visit this great blog. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning !!!




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