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Wednesday, December 13

Feng Fan Girl

You guys ever heard about Taobao's Singles Day Sales? (If you're familiar with Taobao at all). Anyway, last November I went all out and shopped a bunch of stuff from FF Studio at Taobao. Couldn't help it cos I'm obsessed with Feng Fan Girl.
Let me give you a bit of a background to make this easier to understand. Taobao, in case you're not familiar, is China's biggest e-market just like Amazon except that it's much, much bigger. You can find everything there, and I mean literally everything from household goods to shoes and apparel to pets. Yes, you read it right, you can buy pets off Taobao.

Anyway, every year its hosts its annual Singles Day Sale, the first being on November 11th, and the second on December 12th. While I was more calm and composed when the second sale hit today at midnight, I was the complete opposite the first time around thanks to my new favourite shopping buddy, my colleague Roxanne. Seriously, that girl knows everything when it comes to fashion and retail.

Now, Feng Fan is a girl I follow on Instagram because she has legit dope style like seriously on fire, at least for me. I know her style isn't really for everyone but I really dig the way she mixes and matches unique and often oversized pieces. I always thought that she was one of those privileged Chinese girls who can afford to buy everything designer and that's how she achieves her one of a kind aesthetic. But Roxanne, who knows everything, also happen to know Feng Fan and that she has a Taobao store known as FF Studio where she sells the clothes that she wears. Can you imagine how thrilled I was to find out about that?

Lo and behold, all my favourite items from FF Studio starred and sent straight to Roxanne's Taobao shopping cart (because I have yet to create my own Taobao account), Singles Day Sales passed, and my credit card is a few thousand renminbi down.

Fast-forward to two weeks later and here I am, without regrets, wearing the items that I bought off from FF Studio. Honestly, I don't remember adding this shirt on, or most of the items I got for that matter. I was too excited that links were flying off to Roxanne's account way faster than I could count the items I wanted. So when 3 yellow, FF Studio branded boxes arrived, personally delivered to the office by none other than Roxanne of course (that's what she gets for influencing me to shop 'til I drop, lol), it was like skipping Christmas altogether and straight to boxing day as I couldn't wait to open them up and find surprises waiting for me.

Anyway, this shirt is now one of my current favourites. I love how retro it looks with the graphic prints and colour combinations. It's also versatile as it goes with all kinds of bottoms, from jeans to wide-leg pants, to skirts. I'm sure this will be a staple in my closet this month as I'm heading to the Philippines where there's no winter; it's the perfect cut and material to wear in a tropical weather.

These were taken over the weekend, in between attending media events and non-stop eating during my staycation at the Venetian Macau with T Galeria by DFS. Penguin and I took a few minutes off and snap these images at one of the places we used to always shoot at when I was still working in the hotel industry. I kind of miss this location - it always has good lighting and the neutral colors of the walls and picturesque buildings that make Cotai Strip make for a perfect backdrop.

Speaking of staycation though, I filmed the whole weekend so that I could document the experience and share with you guys by way of a VLOG. I'm just about getting started editing the clips tonight since there's a lot but I'm hoping that I'll be able to get that up before the week ends. But for now, I leave you here.

Hope ya'll are having a great week. Cheers!


[Shirt, Blazer, and Sunnies : FF Studio][Boots : Zara][Bag : Stylenanda][Hat : 3.3 Field Trip][Jeans : Dr. Denim Jeans]

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