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Tuesday, December 5

Seoul in Film

Anyeong, you guys! In case you're wondering, nope, I'm not in Seoul again. But these photos were taken the last time that I was there and never got around to sharing them as per usual. I'm getting around back to my normal schedule so I promise, more timely content moving forward.

Now let's talk about Seoul, what I now call the most dangerous city for my bank account. I think it beats Tokyo because while Tokyo has everything that I could want for in shopping for International streetwear items, Seoul has variety of options in terms of local street wear fashion and that has my by the throat because Korean streetwear is just so diverse yet so distinct. I'm in love with it. And not just the clothes but the fashion scene. Seoul has a very young vibe that I can relate to.

Contrary to how moody these photos turned out anyway. On our last day exploring the city, the weather was dark and gloomy so I wanted to take dramatic looking photos by way of a film camera app I discovered. I think they turned out pretty dope, yes? Though Penguin would rather I used a real film camera which is what he's into these days which, by the way, I'd love to share with you guys some of the images he got developed a few weeks ago. I was surprised and equally amazed how the photos were hi-res but downright old school.

Back to Seoul - let me introduce you to this girl who's to blame for my newfound addiction for Korean beauty products. Ladies and gents, meet Roxanne! She sales-talk better than the sales people working in Myeongdong that she was able to have me buy a bunch of make up from A'pieu and Etude House. So much so that they were enough for me to do a haul video so go and watch it on my youtube channel or click here. Like every other girl who travels to Seoul, I am officially hooked and cannot not shop for Korean beauty products when in Seoul.

Roxanne knows more about Seoul that I do so I basically just went along to where she wanted to go. She took us to a little alley somewhere in Dongdaemun to have some chicken soup - a dish so popular for its simplicity that it makes you feel like you wish you had a Korean mom who made that soup while growing up.  

And then we checked out the outlet malls around Dongdaemun area which unfortunately, I found uninteresting. Perhaps living close to Zhuhai where most of the cheap garments are manufactured makes us more aware of the difference between quality and quantity in all aspects including garments. Most of the items sold in the outlet stores in Dongdaemun are from the latter category which is massed produced without quality, like what one would easily find in Gongbei. We both left empty-handed.


Our last stop before heading back to our hotel room was the Lotte Mart just above Seoul Station. My gosh, it was packed. And mind you, the store wasn't small, it was huge! Lined up with all kinds or Korean products from cosmetics to food items, you can even buy raw Kimchi, which I did and took home a jar for myself and for Penguin.

Inside the mart, you can actually try items before you buy them - instant noodles, all kinds of tea, etc. etc. And when you get exhausted from checking out the isles, there are a couple of eatery boots inside the mart where you can have a cooked meal. To me, it's an elevated version of a marketplace, you know, with air-condition, proper lighting, and all that. 

I bought a couple of other stuff to bring home, including different flavors of almond nuts, the spiciest instant noodle, a few packets of citrus tea, and Korean BBQ essentials. By the time we were checking out, all I had in mind was how would I be able to fit everything that I bought into my luggage and if my weight allowance was enough. But we made it through so all good.

Anyhow, I hope you like these visuals. The truth it, I didn't get to take much photos while we were there because simply, I was lazy to carry my camera around. I just wanted to enjoy the trip without the hassle of changing lenses and devices from one to another. Besides, Penguin and I took so much photos from our trip together in Seoul last year and if you haven't seen, you can check out my other posts here.

Talk to you guys again soon!

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