Walkin' around with The Penguin during a really windy day. Actually, I think there was typhoon.But we we're craving for Indian food so we went to The Indian Kitchen. 
Did I tell you how much I love the food there? If not well, here I am telling you. Ever since I worked at the Indian Kitchen, I just got so addicted to butter chicken masala and muttn korma that I'd bre cravin' for them when I do. Penguin's no different. It's like our comfort food. And it was one of those moments when we wanted to go crazy with our money and spend it on a fine dinner at a place like the Indian Kitchen...
Turns out it was closed...
 so we ended up having pizza...
Too bad cos I was so in the mood for curry... =(
I guess that's life when you want something so badly at the moment and you can't get it. But later when you're not looking for it, it's just right in front of you waiting to be picked up.

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