Go Ahead & Take Me Away

Penguin asked me to go with him and buy a luggage. It hasn't occurred to me that actually buying a luggage is a difficult thing. Probably cos most of the time when we travel, I use my mum's bags so I don't have a problem. But after this I discovered that I'm actually quite picky if i were to buy my own luggage. For one, I like the ones with prints like polka dots or leopard, and the ones bright in colors like neon green. Anyway, went to Red Market and didn't find anything useful... ended up buying in San Malo, and actually, what he ended up buying was a large travel bag instead of a luggage. He had practice at 2p.m. and I was scheduled to be at the shop by 1p.m. But we finished up quite ahead of time and we weren't that hungry to go out for lunch so... took photos instead... 
 and them I'm lovin'... although I look a little bit on the short side... It was interesting when we were doing it though. We did this at the side of the shop. People walking by were looking at us and i'm thinking them thinking "what the?". Honestly posing like an idiot on the side of the road and being photographed using an iPhone was quite embarrassing. But it didn't matter. Not that we cared cos we were just having fun. haha! Got a haircut recently BTW... first photo taken... right above! I'm lovin' it but I'll be cutting the back part even shorter!