at the garden

It's nice to take a walk at a park/garden once in a while ~ inhale fresh air, appreciate the beauty of nature. Old people usually gather together and "chill" in most of Macau's parks. Being at one yesterday reminded me of my Grandma who's back in the PI. I was with her when I first went to this place called "Lou Lim Ieok". 
Had lunch with Penguin yesterday. And as usual, didn't know what to do after while waiting for my next class. He was headed to Hong Kong for a gig that afternoon too but it was too early for him to go to the Ferry so we had time to kill. Luckily he brought his cam with him, so we decided to look for a good place to take photos. I was just in for the sake of doing something than going back to school and be stuck at the library surfing the net, like I always do when Penguin's not around to fool around with.

Lou Lim Ieok came up to his mind. It's kinda interesting to look at the ponds full of fishes, take photos of the old people and the flowers ~ pretty much just to look around. I suddenly remembered that the first and last time I've actually been there, I was with my grandmother and was only probably around 10 or 11 years old. 

As usual,  cool shots c/o Penguin.
Going there gave me a bit of peace in mind (I was pre-occupied the whole morning). When I got back to school in the afternoon, I was able to think clearly. I figured out what I'd do with my big dilemma.

-->Discussed my possibilities with the 'rents that night and I'm seeing a silver lining that I'd be able to deal with this my way. (I know what I'm writing right now in in this part is not making any sense but soon I'll be able to write everything here clearly) <-- 2 days till doomsday!