Must Have Bags from Pull and Bear

After school, I met up with Penguin and did a little bot of shopping (talk about guilty). But I though I needed to buy somethings new to cheer me up (I wasn't in a very good mood the whole day cos I'm sooooo sleeepy!). Anyways, we headed to soi hang mei, and I got a bluish-grey cardigan that was on sale. Said he wanted to look around shops at the Venetian so we went there. When he says Venetian, I know he meant Pull & Bear and Zara. Those were two of our favorite shops around. What came up to my mind were 2 things: 

    1. The bag (below) and 2. the acid-washed jeans that I've been planning to buy for like weeks now. Last time we were there, I wanted to buy the bag but I didn't have enough cash while my credit card was locked away back at home. I said I'd come back for it  when I have the time. Today was like... it.
When we got there, I headed straight to where the bag was once located. Much to my disappointment, the stocks were gone. Not one piece left. I looked all over the shop for it, but couldn't find one. =( big blah. But I had to buy something. It was disappointing, I know, cos I liked the bag so much. I mean it was just perfect for school and anywhere else. But Pull and Bear doesn't disappoint... cos I found this cute little vintage shoulder bag...

...ended up buying it (oh, and a pair of yellow shorts). I can see that it will look good with a lot of clothes/outfits.
Saw Che at the store, and after paying for my stuff, we all headed to Zara. Honestly, I don't like going to stores at this time of the year cos it's either shops on sale do not have much of stocks left of the catchy stuff on sale or new arrivals just in and prices are way too high that  I consider a lot of the stuff I like not worthy. (Yeah I'm cheap, I know!) Anyways, Zara happens to be in the "New Arrival" so I didn't get to buy anything I liked. I'm taking notes on must-haves though (Not just from Zara, but all the things I want for the fall)

1. Black lacy dress I (so glam!)
2. Studded cropped leather jacket (Serena style, gossip girl)
3. Puff jacket (winter is coming soon!)
4. Army style coat 
       (Penguin calls it MCR vocalist's jacket... you know the kind of jacket/coat that the vocalist of My   
                    Chemical Romance usually wears)
5. Ankle/Mid-cut boots (the grey ones from Steven Madden and the polka dots Doc Martens - mid cut)
       BTW, Steve Madden was on crazy sale last week and I got a pair of zebra-print pumps! Will post 
                     photos soon when I wear them!
6. Boy carrot-pants (I look at guys sections and actually like some stuff, like carrot-pants that will look 
                        like harem pants if I wear them, or oversized hoodies...)
7. Lots of stockings (in different colors)
8. Basic tees for school
9. Cardigans for school
10. New pair of comfortable flats for everyday use!

This list will go on so I had to cut down to only 10. Will post if I have everything on this wishlist (or not) =)


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