Shopping in Zhuhai

Olhe! It's been a while since I posted. School and work's sucking out the life in me lately The weather's bad these past few days and I've been coughing an sneezing =( Boohoo. Anyways, week-in photos...

John ~~~ Miss Violet ~~~ Tita Joy

Was in Zhuhai with my whole family last weekend and went shopping... not those fancy kinda stuff tho' (you know Guangzhou's home of imitations... haha, no offense), but it had been fun. My brother saw this pair of "John Lennon" glasses, and he just looked cute wearing it so my mum bought it for him. As you can see they're oddly shaped... asked everyone to wear it while I take a picture =) 

Mom ~~~ Paulo ~~~ Dad

Was able to buy some causal coats I can use for school everyday (they're my new uniform!) at a shop that was on a clearance sale (yes, I'm a bargain person, haha - but that's pretty much the point why people shop in Zhuhai). 

Wanted to buy this shirt but they didn't have
it in my size - it's actually for men.
I just liked the print on it  (well, would
rather have the cameras printed on it)... 

It's not everyday I get to hang out with my whole family. It's actually been a while since we've all been together (well, except last summer in the PI, though I've been with them for only like  a few days since I took off to be with my friends for a couple of days. When I got back, it was time come back here)... Since we opened up our little shop, it just took up our extra time (Sundays used to be family day). Dad would be there every night after work, I'd be there during holidays, and mum just... well, just being the usual busy mum... Usually, we went out on Sundays... but lately,,, rarely. I kinda miss it... So last weekend was a blast.

I'll be busy again this week =(