i'm going for a walk with Mr. Penguin

lookbook post for today:
 I was bored and had nothing to do with my 3-hours lunch break. Perfect moment to hang out with Penguin and take photos. He picked me up from school, we had lunch, then walked around.
 Mondays aren't in my list of favorites. But today's and exception. I had fun walking around with my Penguin, with basically no direction. We headed to wherever out feet carried us.
In case you hadn't noticed... I changed shoes. Climbing up my mountain of a school isn't fun. Pretty good thing I brought a pair of sneakers with me today (for work actually... but i ended up going home to change my clothes and shoes cos it was too early to go to work after class anyway)
Our feet got us to Camoes garden, where Penguin just took and took photos.

And obviously I was happy =)