Sessions with Chi and Che ~ III

The moment I saw this dress I already loved it. First it was because of the prints. When I tried it on, it fitted so well that I had to beg my mom to let me have it. We were unpacking and labeling newly arrived goods for my mom's boutique. One of the benefits I get for helping out is that I get to choose a few dresses and keep them for free as long as I don't pick the expensive ones and those few stocks. This dress is one i particular. It was quite pricey and it was only one piece. Fortunately my mom was in a good mood so she had me keep it =).

So when we planned for this session, I immediately thought about having this dress for one of my looks.  
I don't think we'll be having a photo sessions anytime soon seeing that in the next few weeks we'd all be pretty occupied with school. *sigh*. I'm hoping we'd find time anyhow. 

I'm ending this post here. Toodles for now!