Sessions with Chi and Che ~ I

What could be more fun than doing something you love?
I had so much fun with two of my favorite curly girls - Vitoria and Frachezka!
In love with Che's heels!

Here's a sneak peak of our session a few days ago. I will post our photos as soon as I'm done wit post-processing so I'm only posting these for now. 
Chezka's just so adorable. She reminds me of Rosanna from, one of my favourite bloggers.
(dress from my mom's shop: MPT clothes and accessories)
 I never realized there could be so many places outside the Venetian complex that are perfect for photo backgrounds.
I went shopping again today =( it's a bad thing but I can't resist.
BTW, will post about my recent trip to HK tomorrow. I gotta sleep cos it's like 3 in the morning and I still have class later on. Toodles!