A few days ago...
... I was hanging out at Paper n' Pens  with Yoyo, Tin, and Chezka, and couldn't get our hands off the accessories they were selling. I was into the rings and I got these two I'm wearing.
Chezka was being funny as she didn't wanna sell the stuff they had cos she wanted to have them for herself.

Right the following day I had to wear the rings and get them photographed. Fortunately I had plans to meet up with Penguin. I knew he wouldn't refuse on me asking for a few shots before we went out to wherever we went to. (Well, basically we just walked around).
I'm wishing that the winter wouldn't be too cold this year. I'm having fun wearing layers just right for the season of autumn; cardigan + dress + boots. If it gets really cold, I would't know how what to do as I don't have that much winter clothes now. I may have to buy some.
Anyway, I'm enjoying the weather so seize the moment and wear the right clothes while the cool temperature lasts and turn to icy cold.


  1. where did you get those fabulous boots?!?!? i love them!

  2. Archives: thank you! I got them from a small store in Zhuhai, China. I dot really know the store's name =)


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