mess all over, mess

Took pictures while cleaning my room this morning. After looking at them I realized my room doesn't look like a 2o-year-old's. It's messy and colorful,,, haha. More like a 16-year-old's room.

my first love is the keyboard ~ 
 Bought this huge bow in Guangzhou on a recent trip to China ~ I plan to wear it, really. I just haven't found te right time and place =) 
 Gossip Girl and The Hills ~ of course!
 I'm definitely into necklaces ~ there's a lot more missing here, mostly broken already due to being overused
 River ~ my doll boyfriend, sings me to sleep every night 
Not a bookworm, I just love to read =)

I gotta get ready now... I'm smell like shit and sweating like hell (just finished cleaning up my room ~ and the weather's not acting right again) it's November already, man! It's supposed to be windy, not sunny =(
Anyways, ciaoooo!