Penguin and Violet: Tourists for a day

Played tourist for a day yesterday. I felt so stupid ~ when we got to Lilau Square and the Mandarin House. I mean, I've known all about these heritage sites and we've been studying them but I realized I've never actually been there and taken a close look till yesterday.
So there we were and I thought that place didn't look like its in Macau. The atmosphere was so warm and relaxing even if, honestly, there wasn't anything much to see or do at there.
Don't know what I saw in this door but I liked it so much. It doesn't even open. It was just there in the middle of this big rock 
Basically, we just looked for spots to take pictures, walked around, and looked around. At the Mandarin House, we found this bench that Penguin and I both have take a like on for what reason we don't know why so we sat there all the while, the camera on self-timer, and took pics. Here's how our shots turned out.
This above being one of my favorites. It's like a scene from a music video. =)
It's so nice to have a boyfriend who's into things I'm into. Since I started this silly blog and my lookbook, he's been so supportive. I'm so looking forward to doing this more often. 
we're both vain
Note to self:
Should visit more of Macau's heritage sites and shoot ~