closet fix

I finally had the time to fix my closet,,, err, not literally but I mean re-arrange the clothes in it. I had the chance to take photos for my stylish app as well but not even half way through doing so, my back was aching already so I decided to stop. I was able to finish folding and hanging and flipping and flapping... my clothes anyways. 
After that my brother dragged me down to the supermarket as he was craving for chocolates. I had him take pictures of me while we were walking. I find it funny that I actually ask my brothers to take pictures of me just for fun but I'd end up using the photos for my blog and lookbook page. Its too bad I don't have a nice camera  that produces good quality images cos I already have 2 photographers at my disposal ready to do as what I say. Haha!
We passed by this spot just down our building which my brother thought was a cool place cos it was "classic-looking" (my brother's favorite word, classic) So I was like "yeah ok, take a picture of me here". And this is how the photos turned out. =)


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