Oh brothers...

I was in the mood for photographs. I get these moments that I so want to "cam-whore". I was missing Penguin but he wasn't around. So I had my brother take photos of me after mass this morning. Thought he'd hesitate but he was up for it when I told him I'd take a video of his break-dance moves if he'd be patient in shooting while I tell him what to do.
This owl necklace is my new favorite accessory. Most of the time when I'm a hurry and no time to accessories, I'd just grab this. It goes with almost anything. Special too! My super gorgeous friends and I have one each (Like its our amulet ~ Yoyo's words).

So there we were, I took off my coat and my brother was like "are you serious? It's so cold!" and I'm like yeah, for the photos, whatever. Told him they'd be for my blog and he was so happy to be a part of the process. He's always been so supportive and he looks up to me with high expectations. Sadly I'm not really what he thinks of me. Haha! I show him stuff and he thinks I'm so cool, being able to play the guitar and piano and stuff... always dressed up. But in reality it's so difficult to keep up with me cos I like a lot of things that I barely know what to focus on. It's nice tho. At least I know somebody actually appreciates me whatever I do even it was just my silly little brother. He'd grow up someday and I wonder if he'd still actually appreciate me. Haha =D.
Then back home before heading to mass this morning my other brother, John, was bothering me with questions about Paulo's iPod. He's always been into gadgets and stuff. Of course he's too young to have his own stuff so usually he'd just borrow from dad, me or Paulo. So I told him he could borrow my phone if he took photos of me using it and he was more than happy to oblige. He took these with a lomo camera app. Had I not told him he could play with my phone, he wouldn't have done taken these. I was surprised he didn't complain when in the end we had to leave I didn't lend him my phone. He was all "ah, it's OK you're welcome". Haha.
So I guess I'm lucky to have two annoying but in a way, adorable and obeying little brothers. Now I know who should I call if I need a few random shots. =D


  1. omg where did u get those shoes!! they are soo effin cutee

  2. Thank you!!! I got them from a thrift shop!


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