Bad mood, bad afternoon... Good thing I went for a walk to calm myself as I had the chance to pass by DQ just before I got back home . A cup of georgia mudfudge and a new iPhone app ~ perfect combo to set my afternoon right. Speaking of which, I just finished taking photos of my shoes (all that I can find as of the moment). The app that I downloaded is basically a virtual wardrobe, where I get to organize all the clothes/shoes/accessories/etc that I have, mix&match outfits, must-haves, etc... I'm one of those people who's always having a hard time deciding what to wear. My closet would always end up in a total mess after I'm done getting dressed. But my dilemma does not end there cos then I'd have to worry about the shoes. I'd constantly say that I do not have a pair of shoes that would go with my outfit. My mom would never agree (but that's cos she's got tons of pairs of shoes piled up in boxes in their bedroom beside her closets and even inside her bathroom ~ I could totally borrow if anything fits). Anyway, taking pictures for this app, it would take a lot of time to do my clothes so I started with shoes instead. Gathered all that I could find lying around and surprisingly, found out I actually have a lot of shoes... some forgotten...old...dirty-looking and abandoned.  The disadvantage of having a lot of pairs is that I never found the time to wear all of them - Lesson Learned . Now I promised I'll try my best not to buy a pair at least... well, as much as possible (unless there's a really must-have to-die-for precious looking pair I'll see then =D ) Use and make use of what I have right now, and what I have right now, I'm posting some of my favorite pairs below.

This pair of vans is so much overused. It has served me well for almost 2 years now
Bought 'em in H&M with Penguin. I was looking for an everyday oxfords and saw the pair on sale.
Bought these at a really low price recently. Couldn't go away when I saw...
Used this pair a lot last summer. They're really comfortable and match a lot of outfits too!
Unused. Recently purchased. Was roaming around SM with Penguin looking to buy iPhone case and I bought shoes instead.
One crazy afternoon with Chezka, window-shopping. We passed by Steve Madden and the house was on mad sale! Luckily it was at the Venetian. Grabbed mom at work and brought her. We ended up buying a pair for each. I got these zebra printed pumps and wore it the next night on a girl's night out. 

Well there... my favorite pairs of shoes ~ mostly flats. I know heels are essentials and I've got a couple of good ones. But I wouldn't sacrifice comfort for everyday so I take favor in most of my flat pairs and just some of my heels. Don't get me wrong though, I love heels just as much!
I'll start taking pictures of my accessories and clothes now. Patience come to me (It's gunna take me a while to finish)... and I'm actually already sleepy. I gotta get doinnnn!

On much unrelated note, it has been a while since I last posted... as always. I really  need to make blogging a serious habit! =D