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With all honesty I tell you that I'm not a heels person. Yes, I do own a couple of heels, including my favorite  Steven by Steve Madden leopard print pumps - but even that I barely wear. I bought it cos I fell in love with how it looked. But face it, I'm not comfortable with heels. You can make me wear towering wedges though. I'd very much indulge myself specially if they'd be these babies

Rock & Republic


Steve Madden
Zanotti (Which I have one very similar of this black pair BTW)

Let me know what you think. Which of these babies do you like?


  1. Me too! Especially potato wedges! just kidding :) mwah

  2. I love the last wedges gurr!!! Lanvin, is it?? sooo beautiful :)) and I want ur wedges...the pump-looking ones...

    OHH...I've got some new shoes to show you,tee hee, soooo happy, see you soon!!!!

  3. This post is PERFECT! I love wedges so much.

  4. Wonderful shoes! They are all lovely but I especially love the blue velvet wedges...fun!
    xo Cara

  5. I'm having a small love affair with the Zanotti's. ;-)

  6. I like the Lanvin wedges - but I only own one pair of wedge (but never worn) Cause always imagine myself falling and breaking my head!

    Also, thanks for the sweet comment that you left on my "Weekly Gratitude" post so sweet! After, a long day of school, you comment made my day (well actually the whole month of February special) and I am really glad I came across your blog one day! Plus, I would always be your reader and a commenter!

    Anyways take care and hope your pile of school work from the weekend got reduced!


  7. thanks! I love the wedges here!

  8. droool! I couldn't even pick a favourite, they're all so beautiful!

  9. i love these shoes!! i want to buy all!!

  10. i honestly love your blog im going to add you to my links list


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