The mood is sweet simple vintage. It was a pretty warm day for winter today and I thought it was a perfect day for a skirt and thin cardigan. I'm beginning to think winter is actually over cos I feel so spring-ish now. Since last week, the weather has been fairly warm. I wonder if it'll still get cold before February ends. Hmmm.

Anyway, so this morning I found this nice looking shoulder bag in my room which I believe is my mom's from back then. I never saw her used it once and I didn't really like it then. But since vintage is trending and this bag is somewhat one, I have come to actually like it.

Have a good first day of the week!


  1. Cute outfit!♥
    Thanks for dropping by my site. Yes, I do LOVE purple and polka dots!*^^* I shall be following you now! :D

  2. i love your style!
    maybe you like my blog too,



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