my day

Breakfast at McDonald's, Shop Duties, then off to work. Yep, that's my day. Can't believe holidays are almost over cos I'm just starting to get the hang of it. My semester schedule is so scattered, I'm not liking it at all.

It's my last day at the Mandarin Oriental, well, for the time being. Supposedly I'll still be working but since I'll have classes from early morning till late afternoon, I don't have the extra time. I came to realize only when I got home that I wasn't even able to take a decent photo of me in my uniform except these that I got ith my previous phone during my first few days as a guest relations officer.
Anyway, so after that I had to get back to mom's shop to close. While at work, I had a quick look at my facebook and saw Yoyo's DQ post. I was craving for a blizzard after so I dragged Penguin and we passed by DQ. Yipee! I'm honestly not even allowed to have anything frozen or cold... my voice is so hoarse right now and I can feel a cold coming but well, I craved so be it. And that was my day! =)


  1. Hi there Miss Violet,

    A few days ago, I came across you blog and I was extremely in love with it and started following it.

    Also, I have chose you a recipient for "The Stylish Blog Award".

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  2. omg ive been a man hunt for shoes like that! ever since ur blog!! hahah ive been to h&m
    everywhere lol im still looking ,i hope to find them soon!!


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