Off Duty

Finally, I'm dressed with something more appropriate for the weather. Took this photo one afternoon on the way back home from Chezka's. I've been delaying this since I've been posting looks for my fedora hat challenge, so this is one week late although I didn't really plan on posting this. But I like the photo so much. It's so "street-style", so what the heck, why not? Chezka has a shot herself right on the same spot. We called them "models off duty" look cos we just finished taking pictures back at her place right before.

That was the day we were supposed to take pictures at Mt. Carmel when the weather decided not to befriend us. It was pouring. We ended up just being at Chezka's place where we took our silly little shots from my previous post. Isn't it just great when you've got something planned so well and when the day finally comes, one simple little thing can ruin everything? Oh well. For the heck of it, if you've been reading my previous posts I did say we had fun with those shots so... I guess its always just better to make the best out of a bad situation. Don't let anything bring you down.

And speaking of bringing down, I've got tons to do for school this weekend. It's just the beginning of the semester and we've already started out on projects. But hey, won't let anything bring me down. Hope you guys won't have a hectic weekend like how I'm expecting mine! Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your outfit and you are wearing black ankle boots right?

    And my weekend is also gonna be hectic - I have my term tests nest week so need to hit the books!

    Also, have fun studying and good luck on you projects and assignments!

    Take care and have a amazing and hectic weekend!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. cute jumper and socks with boots.

  3. cute outfit! love how you wore socks w/ the leggings & booties. xo

    check out my GIVEAWAY a la sparkle!

  4. Hey Carla thanks for the blog nomination! You're looking cozy in this outfit. A cute umbrella would go well with this kinda weather : )


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