Outfit #1, mix-matched

OK, so Chezka and I (or I, at least) are doing this challenge inspired by Alicia Fashionista (check widget at the bottom of this post). We decided to choose one key item and we style around that item with clothes from our closet that we barely wear and create 5 looks. I chose my fedora hat. I know it's too early for spring but for this I challenged myself. I have to apologize cause I don't have a solo shot of my outfit #1. See, we were at Cheka's place supposedly to do solo pictures. But I had a sudden idea... and after taking Chezka's solo pics, I totally forgot about mine and instead this is what we did.

This (above) is actually my outfit number 1, with the fedora hat. I think I've only worn the orange skirt twice and never again. The whole look is so not perfect for the season right now (although it should already be getting warm, only its still so freaking cold!), but I'm in the mood for it. =) And so we ended up having much more fun doing the shots below than what we originally planned. Here are the rest of the pictures.

P.S. Some of the clothes we were wearing in the pictures are some of the items we included in the challenge "outfits". I'll be posting the next 4 looks later so in advance I'm already saying that you may see some of these items again. Some of the pieces I'm wearing in these shots are Chezka's, and vice versa so if you check out her blog oddcandy.blogspot.com, you may see her waring them.

Hope you liked our silly pictures ~ kisses from Carla and Chezka =)

Here is the widget. Check out Alicia's blog and her February Fashion Challenge

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