outfit #5, H&M

Alrighttee... This is my last post for the fedora hat challenge. My forgotten item here would be my garbage green H&M dress, which I barely wear cos it's very body hugging and a bit too "sexy" for everyday. 

I like how this dress fits me, don't get me wrong. Although it's very body hugging, the material it is made of is flattering. It helps cover up bulges or at least it doesn't make my big fat belly look that big and fat at all (yeah, I am pretty conscious and insecure at times) haha =). But the dress is not something I'd wear for everyday. I wore it last Halloween, and I think I styled it pretty similar to this, though I was going for a "pirate" look so I had on a pirate hat instead of a fedora, and sans the belt.
I'll be back to street-styling for a now and enjoy the rest of the cold weather. No more spring looks for now until it IS actually spring. Besides, I'm not too comfortable having to remove my cardi/jacket to take pictures of the outfits in the middle of the cold and trying not to freeze. Meanwhile, I have a few dresses lined up and waiting to be worn and styled for the cold weather. Since this is the end of my fedora hat challenge and I'm still willing to try on all of my forgotten clothes behind my closet, in my next few posts I might be wearing a few of my forgotten dresses.

Let me know what you think of this outfit! Please stay tuned as I'll be posting more about my forgotten clothes. I really credit Alicia for this for inspiring me to make use of what I have and not having to buy in order to dress well. 

Kisses from Carla


  1. Love your outfit and I think I too should go through my wardrobe to find some forgotten clothes - dresses has to wait till the snow melts down!

    However, extremely cute outfit and after seeing you wear your fedora - now I think I should get one (do you have an recommendation)

    Also, thanks for informing about Macau - yesterday!


  2. I love this outfit - the combo of blazer + minidress is one of my favorites, although it can be tough to wear during the day without coming across as too sexy. I think you strike the right balance here, and your fedora is adorable!

  3. I absolutely love the blazer in this pic!
    And i think i may have that dress! Cheers for showing me a new way of wearing it :)

    I'm new to blogging!
    But please check out my link, hopefully you will like!


  4. You look absolutely gorgeous :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  5. Hey, You are really looking stunning. As the magnificent personality of yours really comes from these photos. And your outfit is truly heart touching. Thanks for sharing.


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