Stylish Blogger Award

I've two posts in one day, very much delighed by the fact that I received this Stylish Blogger Award that has been going around for quite some time now in the blog world, thanks to H Rija for sharing it with me.
Now as part of the tradition, there are 4 things to be done once having received this award and so I must oblige:

1) Link back and thank the person who awarded you this award.
So again, thank you so much H Rija of for choosing me as one of the recipients of this award. It's really unexpected and I was so surprised when I saw your comment. I really appreciate it! Thank you!!!

2) Share 7 facts about yourself. 
So here are seven random facts about me.
1. I make clothes/dresses I don't even plan on wearing. I love the process of it, designing, sewing, and finally seeing the final product even if I won't be able to wear them.
2.  I like to draw and doodle anything that pops to my head whenever I'm in class, bored, or inspired. I have this notebook full of it and I called it the Bad Girl's Life Secrets. I have another one which is not full yet but on the way there, working on it, called The Paris Notebook.
3. I listen to rock bands more often than R&B, Hip Hop, or Pop Artists (Although I have no favorites cos as long as I like a song, the genre doesn't matter.) Additionally, Paramore is by far the longest time I've had as a favorite artist. 
4. I like collecting clothing brand catalogs. I have a pile of Mango catalogs cos I like the brand and they issue more often than other brands I can find around Macau. My other favorites are Roxy Quicksilver, Miss Sixty, and Guess.
5.  I'm a bookworm. I love to read, and on top of that, I'm a Harry Potter fan. I read all the books and I like them better than the movies.
6. I'm not a professional but I love to swim, so I love to go to beaches and swimming pools. I haven't been to may famous beaches but I'm always at a pool during the summer. If I would be a fantasy creature, I'd be a mermaid.
7.  I love to try extreme activities like bungee jumping, water sports, etc. I haven't done much but I'd really love to try a lot!

3) Share the award with other bloggers.
I'd love to share this award to 10 bloggers that I came across recently and really inspired me:

4) Finally, contact those bloggers and tell them about the award
Which I already did. =)
Again, thanks H Rija


  1. How sweet; thank you for the award!! I prefer the Harry Potter books to the movies, too. :)

  2. You are welcome and you really deserve it!!

  3. I know we're not DP anymore but you did your name good!! I'm so proud of you...haha...not in a mommy-ish sort of way, just...proud :}!! Keep it up Carls, if only our 'hater' can see this now ;)

  4. Wow, Thanks you soooo much for this award! I'm kinda speechless having started to blog only about a month ago... So I'm very honoured! =)

    And of course it's equally great that you've received an award! You deserve it! ;-)

    Thanks again!

  5. thank you so much for the award! check my blog for the award details & thankyou details, haha



  6. Thank you Carla, very sweet!!

  7. I like your blog! Where are you from? :)

  8. Awesome! Congratulations! You deserve it


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