superfriends street style

Unsurprisingly a lot of stores were still closed for the day even if Chinese New Year's celebration is over. And as expected, only the common of the common restaurants were open, like E.S. Kimo, McDonald's, and the like. Mara was our choice for tonight's dinner place but as options were limited for people like us roaming around without better things to do, the place was packed. While waiting for seats, we took pictures just for fun. I thought of having this post since I recently just added a "superfriends" label on my posts. So this is solely dedicated to superfriends... Amazing people that I'd like the world to get to know.

Super Eurica

Super Cristina

Super Chezka

Super Ivan 

There's another super lady ~ Super Millie ~ but unfortunately she wasn't able to hang out with us tonight. Bear with us cos we're super vain and such camwhores. 

p.s. Sorry for the bad image quality. It was already dark outside and we didn't have much light except for the lamp post outside Mara. 


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