Versatile Blogger Award

As promised, here I am now with my award post. About time now too that I thank the lovely Brittany of for nominating me as one of the recipients of the "Versatile Blogger" award. This is yet again a surprise for me as this, I have mentioned in my previous post, is something that I never thought would happen and so soon too. It feels great to know that people appreciate what I do even the silliest things that I ramble about in this blog so I'm really touched.

Now as you might know, the rules in accepting this award is the same with the Stylish Blogger Award. So here goes 7 facts about me.
1. I love playing the Piano/keyboard. I never finished my piano lessons so I don't consider myself having any formal training. All these years I just taught myself how to play. 
2. I love chocolates! Except those with alcohol, raisins, or nuts.
3. When I was younger, I used to be in an all-girl band with my BFF's back in the PI. Our band was called skitzo. We were able to record one song - 18 song.
4. I'm allergic to humid and very unfortunately Macau's weather is always with humid. So I always have runny nose and I constantly sneeze when I wake up every morning.
5. I like to make desserts (i.e. cakes, cupcakes, float, etc.) but I barely have the time to do so nowadays.
6. I like to learn new things. I'm always interested in trying out new activities, hobbies, etc. That's how I got into learning musical instruments, making my own clothes, drawing, etc... and now blogging.
7. I wanna open a clothing store, and hopefully soon.

Then, the bloggers that I'd like to share this award with are the following:
- H Rija of (I'd like to return the favor, and I also think she deserves this. She's got an interesting blog that reflects her personality so much. She's great, check out her blog.)
- Danielle of (another awesome blogger)
- Kat of (she has a nice blog and nice pictures too)
- Cryskay of (I like her style)
- Emma of (she has really pretty clothes)

Again, thank you Miss Brittany Boo! You're awesome!


  1. First of all, congrats for getting "The Versatile Award" - You really deserve it!

    Also, Miss Carla Violet, thank you so much, u made my last week of February 2011 memorable! I am really speechless and I don't know how to express my gratitude to you for awarding me "The Versatile Award!" Once again thank you so much, I really appreciate it =)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. aww congrats on getting the award!!! love your blog!

    thank you soooo much for passing it on to me! you are soo sweet! :)

  3. awww congrats I love your blog as well!!

  4. congratulations and thanks for nominating me :) so lovely xo


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