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Hello lovely darlings! Days seem to go by very fast when we're busy, don't they? And busy as I am, I haven't had the time to take any pictures lately so I figured I'd do an "i Heart" post tonight and had something more personal in mind. I noticed that lately I'm so caught up in my outfit posts that I barely write about the other things that I like, which are supposed to be a part of this blog too because that's the whole point of me starting this whole thing. So here's a post without me and my clothes in it, though I have to explain a bit.

If you've seen my blog before, you may have seen one of my pages called "Bad Girl's Life Secrets/The Paris Notebook". That page consisted pictures of my doodles and drawings on notebooks which I called The bad girl's life secrets and the Paris notebook. I love to draw and to doodle! (but mostly doodle)... when I get bored in class, when I'm thinking, when I'm happy, when I'm depressed... and so on... on some occasions my sometimes-annoying (annoying cos it gets me distracted from doing other things and lead to procrastination) hobby results into wonderful artworks. Sometimes they're just plain meaningless doodles. Anyway, I posted some of my favorites on that page but after I re-structured my blog, the page just didn't seem to fit anymore. I'm reposting some here and keeping this post permanent this time.

I don't really know what to do with the notebooks. I got the bad girl's life secrets' pages all filled up but the Paris notebook is not halfway. In one of my previous posts I said I wanted to get the former published but then I don't really know how that works and if it's even possible. But every time I look at the notebooks, I feel inspired. It's hard to explain but the notebooks literally share my secrets. When I doodle, it's always when I have something in mind or an emotion (like I said... bored...sad....happy...). So the notebooks are real treasures to me... and I really just love to draw/doodle.

Let me know what you think of my silly doodles darlings!


  1. Neat drawing - wow you are extremely talented!
    And I do the same thing too - doodling is so fun and helps you from being stressful!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. Great :),i follow you :)

  3. These drawings are beautiful. You're so talented!


  4. Hej Carla! Thanks for sharing your doodles and drawings! I actually think they're really good! And it's great that you have a way to express your feelings... I love to draw too, but sometimes when I have an image or an emotion in mind, I just can't bring it to paper... So even if you won't get the books published, keep doodeling!

  5. Those drawings are perfect - you're extremely talented! Definitely following x

  6. Goodness, I wish my doodling would come out half as good as yours! You are truly talented. ♥

  7. You are so talented..amazing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog...

  8. Beautiful artwork!

    Thank you for your kind comments. I love Macau, it is so beautiful and the food is delicious!

    I'm following your blog - if you like pls follow mine <3



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