So a few days ago I met up with Chezka again to take pictures. She had her day off and I skipped class (haha). I was pretty excited to wear my newly thrifted boots and yeah, you can guess they're what I'm wearing in the photos. We stayed at my mom's boutique after our outfit shots where we were joined by Eurica, our newest photo session member! (Welcome aboard Ami, looking forward to doing more outfit shoots with you...). While there (as it is a boutique, definitely there were clothes), we decided to take more photos using stuff from the shop - sort of like a mini ad shoot. There's this room above the place that was empty, we set it up and had our shoot there. It wasn't anything fancy or that but it was fun. (I'll be posting the photos later on so stay tuned!).

So the boots ~ I said it's newly thrifted cos I don't really know how to put it. One of my mom's friends brought it to church last Sunday (and the Sunday before was an original Steve Madden ankle boots) for sale. She says she knows of some people who are selling "barely used" shoes, accessories, and apparels and she wanted to let us know about it and even brought samples. The former she brought were ankle boots which I liked the style (and also cause its by Steve), but as you might all know if you've read my previous post that I'm a wedges person and not a heels person, hence I didn't take it cause you can guess, they're a pair of pointy high heeled ankle boots. But these black ones that she brought last Sunday, the moment I saw it I just told her "That's mine!". My mom's friend was like "You better try it on first and see if it fits you" and I'm like "No, no, that will fit me... that's definitely mine!" haha... and yeah. I got the bag from her even before actually paying for it. Let me know though, did I do it justice by pairing it with just basics and acid ashed jeans? That day I had to change my top a couple of times before settling cos the weather (as usual, I blame the weather) is not acting right. At school, I'd feel really cold but when I'm out somewhere and walking about, I'd start to feel really hot. Ugh...

On another note - I'm so glad 2 other friends of mine enter the blog world! Above I'me mentioned Eurica (tho from now on I'd call her by her nickname "Yoyo" since I'm better used to it"), the other one is my adorable friend Cristina. Please check out their blogs, darlings! It's so nice to have blogger friends that you can actually talk to and relate to in person. I know in this part of the world, our location, its so difficult to find other fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I mean, I've always wanted to participate in blogger meetups and stuff but there's really no one I can meet up with so... yeah, now I've got my friends =). By the way, if there's anyone of you darlings just around Macau or at least near, I would be so delighted to meet with you, you know like talk and share experiences with as a blogger. It's nice knowing new people and meeting new friends. I'm still getting the hang of blogging and I don't know if there's actually a community of fashion bloggers that's near this isloated unkown area of Asia so if any of you darlings know or would maybe one to start one? hehe... You darlings can always email me (just click the "Contact Carla" button located on my tab).

Anyway, till we meet again my darlings. (At least I've got a pretty decent post tonight.. hehe). Oh and, from now on I'll be labeling what I'm wearing from now on. Nothing new but I figured I gotta credit what I wear.

 Carla Violet 

 On me: 
 Cardigan: Gift from mom 
 Acid Washed Jeans: Seventeen 
 Tank Top: Mom's boutique 
 Bag: Pull&Bear 
 Boots: Thrifted 


  1. that boots is so chic
    love your jeans too :)

  2. Love the boot and I can't believe it's thrifted!! And you look pretty as usual!
    Well, hope you have a great weekend and take care!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. Hi Carla!!

    yeah it was a delightful surprise to find that there.. haha :)

    I really like ur boots, they're so cool!^^

    have a nice weekend! xoxo!

  4. O wow you got so lucky with those! They are awesome looking! I like that you paired it up with just the basics. The fun thing about those boots that you can pair them up with pretty much everything. You can do a girly look with a lace dress or floral and add some edge with the boots and throw over a leather jacket.

    Also thank you for commenting on my IFB poll about Lookbook. It's nice "meeting" you lol

  5. oh i seriously love your jeans!!! and those boots are awesome what a fantastic find :)

  6. Oh girl, I covet your bag,it's so unique!you look so cool in this outfit too. ;)

  7. Cute outfit!!! I love those shoes!!

  8. OK seriously, those boots are amazing!
    There so heavy duty chic.
    Summer day + short shorts and those boots
    will be amazing!!


    come check out my other blog to!!..

    [[ ]]

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love this outfit-- it definitely highlights the fabulous boots. The purse is adorable too, is it vintage?

  10. Ooooo love the boots. Great find.

    xox Courtney Michele

  11. oohh i likelikelike the boooots!

  12. you are sooooo fab. can't get over your boots either

  13. your boots and pants look stunning!

  14. lovely outfit...rock but chic! :D

  15. i very like this outfit :)


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