Violet for MPT Clothes and Accessories

Previously I mentioned that Chezka and I hung out at my mom's shop and we did some shoots on some on the clothes there. Well, here's how our photos turned out. I sort of edited and added text just to make it, you know, look more like an ad sort of thing. It says "Violet for MPT Clothes and Accessories" cause my initial idea was to just upload these photos here. So it's like "me doing this for my mom's shop"... but now I'm considering posting them to the shop's facebook page or maybe print them out and stick them on the shop's walls... haha.

Basically my mom's store sells really colorful, printed/patterned ladies' garments and for really affordable prices. What we did is chose some pieces and styled them on our own, mixing with some of our own clothes, and adding up accessories from Chezka's mom's shop (Yes, her mom has a shop too, which happened to be a few steps away from my mom's - selling accessories and stationeries!). 

Eurica joined us quite late already so we only got to shoot with her for a while. You'll be seeing more of her more though in my later posts! (Meanwhile, feel free to check out her blog!)

I leave you with the photos darlings! Its pretty much a long post cos of the photos so I won't write any longer Cheers,  Carla Violet Shoes used: Gladiator Sandals from Parisian (SM), Thrifted Leather Boots, Brown Wedge Pumps from a local store, Brown boots from a local store in China Accessories: White Heart Ring from H&M, Brown belt from Esprit, the rest from Kara Mart (Chezka's mom's store) Apparels: Black Cardigan gift from mom, Grey Cardigan from Chezka's dad, Sheer polo used as blazer from Zara, Acid washed jeans from Seventeen, Mustard shorts from Pull&Bear, the rest from MPT clothes and accessories (dresses, blouses, and black tights)  


  1. This is so cool- I love these pieces :]]
    I'll definitely be checking them out.

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I'll be reposting soon dear!! love the shots! muahx

    - Che -

  3. All three of you look so cute!!
    And I will definitely check them out =)

  4. Wow...these outfits are amazing!

  5. love that maxi dress your wearing xxx

  6. Hi! I just recently bumped into your blog. I love the color violet as well xD I love how you mixed and matched your clothes! Totally following you :) you think you could follow me back as well? It'd be really cool if you do, thanks! :)

  7. you girls look awesome. how fabulous and fun. my favorite is the last photo because you are wearing a different dress of the same collection. it looks amazing together. hats are smashing and your boots rock

  8. Really cute you´re doing this for your mum:) The print on the third dress looks just like this famous Finnish design Marimekko..?

    Go check my blog! We are posting details about our homes so you all can get to know us better;)


  9. Hello!
    i love your blog! i follow you now!
    Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

  10. Cute! I think you guys did a great job! The photos are awesome! :)

    If you get a minute, check out my vintage giveaway here! :)

    Love me...Love me not

  11. Love the outfits and photos! =D very nice that your mum got her own store! =D xx


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