Yellow! We meet again!

Hello lovely darlings we meet again. Don't really know what got into me tis morning. When I woke up, I was like "Ok, I should do a new post today" So... Here I am blogging before going to class. I can tell I'd be late seeing that it's now 10:26; my class would start at 10:40 and I still need to take a half an hour bus ride to school. Sheez, blogging is addicting. Anyhow, been delaying these photos for a while but I've decided to put them up alread (about time, ain't it?). And yes! Yellow again! If you've read my previous post, I said I getting fairly addicted to yellows and browns and the likes. So today's outfit post is yet again with the color.

This look is inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl season 4. She was wearing a similar pair of trousers in pink, and a pastel colored top (if you guys watch GG, you know what I'm saying). I didn't get the look precisely but I intended not too. I just loved the idea of trying something similar and wearing the same cut trousers (although the one i'm wearing is actually a jumper worn as trousers).

Anyhow, gotta go! I'm definitely late already! Tell me what you think darlings!
Edit: Here is a link if you guys wanna see Serena's look, my inspiration >>> Serena Van Der Woodsen Style

 Carla Violet 

 On me: 
 Top: Stradivarius 
 Jumper: local store, HK 
 Belt: Esprit 
 Shoes: Local Store, Macau 
 Ring: H&M 
 Necklace: Local Store, Zhuhai 


  1. I just love your outfit carla! How'd you capture these lovely photos? :)

  2. Wow Carla, you look amazing in this outfit! (love the combination)
    Right now, I am on the hunt for yellows and browns (Cause of you)
    Anyways take care and have a great week =)
    And did you make it on time for class?

  3. Beautiful look! I love Serena! Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows!

  4. oh that first photo is so awesome, love your outfit, the pants are so lovely and just well love it all xo

  5. Lovely outfit great shots :)

  6. Lovely outfit great shots :)

  7. nice photos, i like your blog. great outfits! xoxo :)oh, followed you. ;)

  8. you look fabulous love your blog!!! will follow you right away hope you can follow me back xoxo

  9. simply fabulous! great outfit!

  10. ThankyOuu Carlo for your comment! omg i love your blog! very nice pics & outfits! i'm gonna follow you now =) follow me back? ^^ xoxo Candy

  11. Fun outfit!:)


  12. gorgeous yellow shirt, you look so great! and i love the location these pictures were taken at!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. I love the way you match your clothes together! Amazing outfit♥ Very Serena van der Woodsen :)

  14. wow, that's so hot! :P you have a great taste and, yeah, super imagination. yellow suits you well and create a fresh look. hmm...there is nothing to it! ;)
    I'm glad to become your new reader!

  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog. And for commenting too! I really appreciate it <3

    This look is soo fab! Omg that definitely looks like Serena's style! So purdy~ and sexy. :D

  16. i love just going thru your blog you have such a unique and beautiful style!!!! i especially love your shoes in every post lol! keep up the great work!!

  17. hey, thanks for droppin by. i love this outfit. the trouser and mustard colored top look perfect together. i can totally see the serena van der woodsen in the outfit. :)


  18. Fabulous look! Your necklace is so glamorous!
    Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog :)

    Kisses xoxo

    PS: If u follow me, I'll follow u back.

  19. Thanks for your comment!
    Great blog you have here!
    I love it, and definitely following!


  20. loovely photos! i love the flowy trousers :0

    hope you'll visit/follow

  21. oh WOW love your blog ...
    you look amazing girl <3


  22. i love the yellow mustard color on you! those trousers are AMAZING. love them. perfect. following you-follow back? <3

  23. I love this outfit! I am obsessed with GG, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I think you did it so much justice.

  24. Very cool and the color looks so beautiful on you!


  25. you look stunning!
    i love the black and white pic, don't know why really. it's just really pretty n_n
    love! xox

  26. gorgeous pictures dear!

    New update online now!

  27. cute outfit ;))#love the wedges.

    we wld like to inve u to join our humble chanel giveaway

  28. wonderful colour combination :D

    love it so much!

  29. Gurr really like this outfit of yours - and the next one (tee hee) - sweet jumper/pants!!!

    love lots!!

    - Che -

  30. yellow is such an amazing colour for you!! love the jewellery!
    x M.

  31. Gorgeous outfit, that colour is perfect on you and I love the pants

  32. youre so pretty!!
    love youre blog!!

    I'm following now
    follow me?



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