This Skirt Again

After months of looking, I finally found my used-to-be favorite sunnies! You see, they're the ones I'm wearing on my header photo. I can assume that the last time I wore them was during the time I took that photo, which was last year's March (I'm not sure). And yes, I'm wearing my DIY skirt again. I'm sorry I'd be bragging a bit right now cos I just think that it's so pretty and is by far my neatest creation (neat I meant in terms of quality). I have to admit I don't sew very well. But when this skirt turned out just as I wanted it to be, I knew I was in the right path of honing my sewing skills (haha). And now enough with the brag.
Now you guys might ask me why the hell am I wearing boots again, and under the sun (my previous post related). Well, some of you may agree with me, some may not... with the fact that people never get contented (hey, that's why there's fashion). I'm talking about everything in the world, and truth be told, the same way with the weather; we'd ask for the sun during winter and when summer comes, we'd wish it was snowing. I'm one of those people who do that a lot of times. Although I'm glad the weather in Macau is getting warmer and warmer as I've ever wished it was during winter, a part of me still wanted to keep the winter feel to my outfits. Actually feeling rather stupid when the thought came to me the day I took these photos that I didn't really wear much of my boots when it was suitable for the weather because I wanted to wear wedges then for most of the time. And now I'm thinking that I have to wear them as much as I still can before it really starts boiling here.
Well, darlings, It's the end of my post for today. I know and I still remember I promised I'd make a tutorial post about this skirt... and I will but I just haven'd had the time to work on it yet, and I'm sorry. It'll be up soon, I promise. Happy Weekend!

 Carla Violet 

 On me:
 Basic tee: Local store, Zhuhai 
 Skirt: DIY by me 
 Boots: Thrifted 
 Sunnies: Mango 
 Bag: Pull & Bear 
 Necklaces: 1. gift from Penguin (with a Teddy), 2. local store, Zhuhai 
 Socks: local store 

If you guys wanna see how I styled this skirt previously, check out my previous post by clicking here =) 


  1. Stunning as always! Love your blog! definitely following!

  2. Lovely skirt and outfit. Beautiful pictures.


  3. Your shoes are so cute!


  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    Lovely, as always :)

    Please take a minute to look at my boutique;

  5. great outfit! i love your shoes and skirt most :) ronan x

  6. those shoes and the skirt is a match made in heaven :p

  7. yey! congrats on finding your favorite sunnies and i did post about complaining about the weather too.

    haha! pag mainit, gustong umulan and vice versa. is it hotter in macau or in pinas?

    i have yet to post the blog award too. :)

    happy weekend! :)

  8. oh, love that spankin' shoes too!

  9. Cute boots-Sorta punk with a touch of girly. Especailly love the bag too!

  10. great look, im really diggin your bag

  11. love the skirt and I still can`t believe you made it!
    And also you look stunning as usual!

  12. Totally lovely outfit! That skirt and those boots. :D

  13. Great post, gorgeous combo :)
    I followed you ! Thanks for your darling comment on my blog! Loves...

  14. I have friends that wish it was cold when its hot and vice versa, so I what you mean. I have these fur boots that I want to wear during the summer for some reason. I just really like them

  15. you look marvellous your skirt and also your shoes too!!!

  16. that skirt is so cute! So good job! And I love your boots! And who cares about hot weather, as long as you're not completely off your head and wearing winter clothes, I think boots are okay for nice, sunny days!

  17. Omg I just Lovvveeee!!!! This!!! Outfit!!!! This is tooo cute!! I would totally wear this.. I really love this outfit!! Now following!!
    xoxo asiahlynn

  18. That skirt is amazing and those boots are WOW!! I love your shades too. What a great outfit! kiah

  19. killer boots! i saw you on chictopia and decided to follow your blog!

  20. Love those boots.. and you did a great job on the skirt!!

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