Style Roundup - April

This month has been all about transition for me. The weather is changing dramatically, and so is my style. Lately, I'm always not sure what I wanna wear. I've noticed in these photos that my style is very varied. I like it in a way cos it makes me my style very flexible, like I can do this look today and another the next. I'm just not sure that it's a good thing or not. How about I leave that part for you guys to decide?

Now here's the part that I say goodbye for now. It's back to school, back to work again tomorrow so I'm not gunna stay up late and make this post short. 

 Carla Violet 
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  1. I love all your outfits and last month you wore many of your DIY outfits - I can't wait to see May's looks!

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    Your outfits are great! I love all your DIY!

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  3. i love all the styles you picked out! loving the new style, keep it up!:) ronan x

  4. great outfits for the month of april. school sucks sometimes but you'll surely miss it once you're done.

  5. I nominated you for a blog award! Congrats and please check out my blog for more information My Lyfe ; My Story - Blog Awards

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  6. Life is all about trying new things, and fashion is part of life. Keeping experimenting with your look- you have years yet to settle on what you really love, and in the meantime, just have fun trying different things :) I think all of your looks are really quite fabulous.

  7. hi Carla! I really am a proud follower of you! I love every bit of your outfit photos! I wish I could really fly to Macau and have an outfit post with you! :) I am about to post the award you sent me! :)

  8. I feel the same as day i can look and dress completely different to the next. but i think its a good thing. its definitely a good thing on you! you look amazing in all these outfits. so happy i found your blog. i love it! im following x

  9. A great month!! A lot of fabulous outfits : )


  10. Great style girl!

    XO Charlotte

  11. Ami!! Lovin all the looks!! BTW, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award!! Please check out my blog!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥


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