Vedette Shapewear G.I.V.E.A.W.A.Y.!!!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of posts - I've been busy with school work as the semester is coming to an end so there are a lot of deadline I have to meet regarding projects and such. I'm back now though, with a special treat - a GIVEAWAY for you guys! But before I move on to that part, let me explain.

The explanation:
I've always wanted to try wearing a shapewear/corset, or something of the like, and incorporate it with an outfit. The thing is I never had one and was always hesitant to buy as I didn't know where to or how to. Fortunately, Vedette Shapewear contacted me to do a review for one of their products. What luck! and now here I am wearing one of their products, a shapewear called Juliane, and boy, never have I felt slimmer. I must say this product does help in giving shape to your waist and tuck your tummy in. One particular thing I notice (and specially like) when I wear Juliane is that it makes my tiny chest seem bigger (giggles). It works somewhat like a push up bra if you wear it a bit higher to your chest and over your bra's under-wire (get what I mean?).

Anyway, in case you guys haven't heard of Vedette before, allow me to introduce. Vedette is a Columbian brand of shapewear and has been running for over 30 years now. The pieces they create are specifically designed to help achieve your ideal silhouette, at the same time comfortable and fashionable. Here are further information about Vedette:

Now here comes the special treat!
Vedette is giving away a SURPRISE SHAPEWEAR for 5 of Little Miss Violet's readers!!!
To enter, all you have to do is check out Vedette's Facebook Page and join!
Leave a comment below with your name and email address so that I can contact you if you win.
This giveaway is open internationally anyone can join! 
5 winners will be selected randomly and will be posted here later.

For extra entries:
- Follow Little Miss Violet through Google Friend Connect OR Bloglovin'
- Follow on twitter @carlaviolet04
If you're already a follower, congratulations, you already have an extra entry (meaning 2 entries that is, if you've also already joined Vedette's facebook page)
Entries are accepted until May 30, 2011.

I leave you with this darlings and don't forget to join the giveaway!!!

 Carla Violet 

On me:
Platforms: Local Store, Zhuhai
Shapewear: Vadette
Cardigan: Penguin's
Trousers: Friendly
Frames: Penguin's
Necklase: Grosse
Earrings: H&M


  1. Cute outfit and don't worry about the posts - school comes first =)

  2. Wow!i am loving your outfit and you styled the corset so fab Carla! :) Just the right amount of sexiness for a casual comfy outfit! :)

  3. This is so gorgeous! The mustard pants are just fab!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  4. Hi Carla! Very cute blog! Love your outfit. The shapewear is awesome! All for making my shape better, lord knows I need that help! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving great comments!
    I am new follow of you!
    XO Carrie

  5. Carla - those mustard pants are to die for! LOVES EM DARLING! I love that corset. So pretty! Kiah

  6. A very cute look :-)


  7. You look great as always!


  8. Thank you for the comment.
    I love the coordination! I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too! xx

  9. Lovely post!!
    I tagged you with an aesome award! Check it out =)

    Bread, Butter & Fashion

  10. What an interesting way to wear the piece. Email in profile.

  11. I likeeeee!!

    I liked the facebook page..
    I was already following you on GFC and now on bloglovin too (i liked this post as well)

    name: Tiffany


  12. I love and I would come great! I want

  13. gorgeous pants and I love the shoes! Jeffrey Campbell?

  14. Love your brown wedges!

  15. I love it's design and it looks nice on you ♥

  16. I think my heart just stopped when I saw your shoes, AMAZING!

  17. followed them on fb!

    lorence_f [at]

  18. followed you already from before

  19. followed ya on twitter (fantailflo)

  20. I love your mustard pants!

  21. Glad to know your package finally came dear! love the outfit (-your shoes, gurr!!) and have always been a fan of corsets!!

    love yah!!

    - Che

  22. Finally enter the giveaway!
    I liked the Vedette on facebook page..
    I was already following you on GFC and also on twitter @myLyfeMyStory

    name: Harija

  23. I liked the Vedette facebook page (Ana Belén R M).
    Following on GFC and twitter (@Fisigiawa)

    Ana Belén R.M

  24. I'd love to win!
    Roxy Heart
    I liked Vedettes fb page.
    I followed you on GFC and Twitter too

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  26. hi! thank you so much for stopping by and posting a comment on my blog :) i really appreciate it :)♥

    i'm following you now!!
    i already liked the Vedettes fb page :)

    name: mariele chiara encarnacion
    email :

    btw, you are PRETTY!

  27. love the color of the pants and loving vadette!!!


  28. Great look, I love your mustard yellow trousers :D & good luck to everyone enterring the giveaway :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  29. this is once again so inspiring - thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for all the love - hope you'll pass by again and follow if you haven't done it yet.

  30. wauw lovely outfit & nice give away!!


  31. love your outfits dear! :D you have a great blog. i really like your platforms and your shape wear. you look so hot! ;)

  32. This is such a fabulous outfit on you
    Those pants look incredible and shape wear is just a genius invention, what a fantastic giveaway

  33. Ooh cool! I joined their FB page!

    strawberry freckleface

  34. Hi there! Love this outfit on you!!

    I liked Vedette's Facebook Page
    +1 Following you on GFC (Christie)
    +1 Following you on Twitter (Chrissie123123)

    swaggirl01 at gmail dot com

  35. Lydia Broadway

    great giveaway :)

  36. this is nice tripxie! so proud of you! :) i finallystarted a blog of my own. cool outfit! mis u


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