The forgotten Flannel

I have recently cleaned my closet and found a lot of pieces that I realized I haven't worn in ages. I feel bad for them so I decided that in the next few days, I'll try my best to wear them if I can. First I can cross of the list is this flannel which I bougt I think around 2 years ago. I've grown a bit bigger so it doesn't fit me like it did before now so I wore it as a blazer over this blue dress. 

Till my next posts darlings, when I'll crossing off another item on the list so that I won't feel bad about abandoning my clothes anymore (at least for now).

 Carla Violet 

 On me: 
 dress: thrifted 
 heels: from a Local Store in Zhuhai 
 Flannel: NL girl 


  1. Wow... cute outfit and now I think I should start searching my closet to find any lost treasures =)

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. I love everything about this outfit!! Those shoes are to die for :)

    xo//Andrea Marie

  3. love your dress!!! :)

  4. I love your shoes so much! :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph

  5. AnonymousJune 29, 2011

    Great dress and necklaces :)

    Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;

  6. love your shoes!! You're so cute!

    Come follow my blog hun :)


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