New Recently - Celebrations

Two years ago, we were at this very hotel having our graduation dinner. Last Thursday, I can't believe we were all there gathered again but this time for the wedding dinner of one of our own. Janine and Mark finally tied the knot. Time seems to fly when everyone's been busy. I never realized it has been ages since I hung out with them, and a lot has changed. I missed Janine, and I bet even more now that she's going to start a new life with her family. Anyhow, I wish them the best.

That night, it was raining so heavily so I wasn't at all too psyched to dress up knowing that as soon as I'm out the door, I'll be wet all over (and darn was I right.) I manged wearing this leopard printed dress that I found sitting in my closet and hasn't been used for a while, paired with my brown wooded platforms (the only pair I could think of that can withstand water without the tendency of falling apart). I had to much to eat so I wouldn't be surprised that I was bloated in the photos, haha. 

On an unrelated note, my Penguin's got something worth having a celebration for. 

Some of the shots he took for his photography class projects were chosen to be displayed at an exhibition hosted by the school. One of the photos stood out among the others thus receiving an award for the best Black/White Photo.  

Of course I'm proud (Stage girlfriend, aren't I?). More to come, I'm hoping!

 Carla Violet