New Stuff + Giveaway Winners

Hello darlings, I just want to share these goodies which I have recently acquired. I can't believe its just the first day of the month and I'm already shopping. There's this big clearance sale going on at the basement of Sunstar and I just went gaga when I checked it out. Unfortunately I was only able to buy a pair of Yellow Nine West Pumps as I was on a hurry that night, running late for a dinner. This pair though are not the only ones I plan to buy... in fact I'm going back there tomorrow when I've got time and see what I missed. I saw a couple of pretty looking Steve Madden heels that I'd definitely try on next and see if they're for me.
Meanwhile, I've got a new favorite bag. This black briefcase-like shoulder bag is my latest companion wherever I go these days. I've started sitting for my mom's shop again last Monday and since then I had to bring along my laptop with me so I've something to play with when I get bored. My laptop fits just perfectly in it so I'm glad I bought these.
I also shopped at my mom's store. That's right, I shopped (I paid for the stuff)! I usually just took what I wanted from there but today I actually paid so I feel good about myself =). I bought these two tops in teal and black which both includes a tank top to be worn underneath, and a black dress that I didn't take a picture of.

Now completely unrelated, here are the winners of my Vedette Giveaway (via Random Number Generator)

#3 Tiffany 
#18 Mariele Chiara 
#7 Florence 
#21 Casey Ann 
#10 Kara C. 

Congratulations darlings and thank you for joining! I will be contacting you shortly!

 Carla Violet 
PS. Outfit Post Coming Soon!!!


  1. OMG! i won!! i won! ahha :) yehey :) thanks!!!!

  2. Hi dear!! love your post... as always ;) gave you an award at my blog! hope you like it ;)

  3. ahhh that briefcase bag is awesomme!

  4. OMG for the shoes Carla! How much is that in peso? hehe and oh by the way I have found tons of interesting items in your shop I am lovin the tops and dresses most especially the maxi dresses, I sent you an inquiry email via your shop's contact page :) how I wish I have boutique here in Manila haha! :)

  5. The sunny yellow pumps are super pretty. :) I cannot wait to see you wear those. (I want to pick up some lessons on what to wear with bright shoes).

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  6. thankyou so much for your lovely comment and award omg i love your blog! are you indonesian?

  7. I love the shoes tripxie!

  8. that preciousness of shoes! I love the mustard yellow! Thanks for your comment. is very important for me too! kiss

  9. adorable bag! I love it's structured shape!

    Lots of love

  11. Where in the world is that bag from?


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