this striped dress

I always found ways to procrastinate as long as I was home. School's officially over and it should mean that I've already got plenty of time to blog. For some reason though, I haven't been updating very much and it's only a matter of days before I start working at a summer job. Ugh, I'm such a lousy blogger. 

Partly I blame the weather again. It's been so hot these days that I can barely stay under the heat for the camera. I wish I could tolerate but when I try to, photos don't come out right. I think its coming off obvious seeing that my recent photos are either blurry cos I can't stay still, or my face look funny. Either way i have to have something to blog about right? So here are my latest although I promise I'll have clearer photos next time. 

By the way, I missed wearing dangling earrings. I found a few of mine from last summer and I figured its about time I start wearing them again. It makes me feel all boho. This one above is my favourite cos it's a letter C. I bought it at a bazaar a few years ago. I'll try to share some of my old dangling earrings from before on my next outfit posts. Until then...

 Carla Violet 

 on me: 
 dress: Sisi  
 platforms: local store, China 
 earrings: thrifted from a bazaar 
 cardigan: Esprit


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