3 Step Vest Tutorial

As promised, here is my tutorial for the Vest that I DIY'ed and was wearing on my previous post. I'm calling this the 3 Step Vest because you really only gotta do 3 things to make this vest. But before we get started though, I'd like to apologize in advance for the image quality of the photos because I took them under low light using my iPhone camera so they're pretty  agrainy. 

Read the tutorial after the jumbreak

Now, here we go.
First, you need 3 things:
- for your fabric, I recommend a soft one.

Then we proceed to the process
Step 1: Fold the Fabric in half (see black square on bottom left)
Step 2: Cut out a hole or straight line as shown on the picture. These holes will serve as armholes so make sure you cut evenly on both sides of the fabric. You don't wanna cut through until the edges or too close to the fold because you'd wanna half enough fabric to cover your shoulders and you'd the garment to fit you right.

Step 3: Hem all the edges of the fabric (including all the sides and the holes)

When you've done all three steps, you should have something like this. That's actually your finished product, the vest.

It's easy right? And if you're wondering, indeed the fabric/garment above is the very exact I was wearing. The colors vary under the sunlight. I'll try to be a better DIY instructor next time and I do hope you guys liked and understood this tutorial.

 Carla Violet 


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    Great tutorial :)


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  2. oh I love this carla! got to try this myself! :)

  3. i love it! such a pretty color.


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