DIY Sheer Vest

Hello darlings!
Here I present to you my latest DIY product: This sheer teal vest! It's my new favorite and I can tell you it goes with many outfits (I already tried them on with different looks!)
I'll soon be posting the step by step tutorial on how I made this so for those of you who'd like to know, stay tuned! It's really easy, I assure you. I know in the past, I mentioned I'd post more tutorials but never got around to doing so because I got caught up with school and work but for this vest, I'd really post a tutorial so please be little more patient and I promise I'll have it up real soon!

I haven't worn these pants in ages, mostly because I think they make my thighs look really big. But, hell with that. It's time for me to get past my insecurities and just be happy with my body, however it may look like in photos.

Anyhow, remember to come back for the DIY tutorial!

 Carla Violet 

 On me: 
 Vest: DIY 
 Pants: Black Moss 
 Top: Bossini 
 Bag: Thrifted 
 Shoes: Local Store 
 Ring: H&M 
 Necklace: Gift from Che 


  1. AnonymousJuly 14, 2011

    You look great! :)

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  2. awesome look! love the colors and your pants. CANT WAIT for the tutorial haha

  3. always looking great!!

    love that OWL necklace!

    nice outfit!

  4. wicked pants EVERRR!

  5. looking forward to the DIY... and I think the pants look great ;-)

  6. love the DIY project... it looks awesome =)

  7. i ADORE your pants and shoes!!! you look stunning. xx

  8. great DIY vest, can't wait for the tutorial.. amazing pants ;)

  9. Nice blog. :)

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  10. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    hey! i like the photos! and yout blog it's cool!
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  11. Beautiful outfit :)

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    xoxo Michaela

  12. This is so creative! Love the colour of the vest and your pants are so gorgeous!

    fleeting moments

  13. Wow you are so creative,
    followin' for sure.
    my blog. tell me what do you think, I really wanna know someone's so fashionable's thinking

  14. Gorgeous vest - the color is so bright and vibrant, I love it :)

  15. That sheer vest is amazing!! Great job! Beautiful photos :)
    Mundo de Alicia ❤


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